Valentia Mdakane is currently an HR Manager at Reverside that is responsible for coordinating and executing all administrative activities related to the organization’s personnel for the “Reverside Overall Group”.

Duties include but are not limited to: recruitment strategies, implementing systems for managing staff life cycle such as benefits, payroll, behavior and labour relations. Ensuring sound advice and the seamlessly consistent delivery of the departments services to senior management and employees in line with company procedures and compliance standards. Valentia holds a National Diploma and BTech in Human Resources Management. Valntia has acquired a few additional certificates that have helped her expand her knowledge within her current position and her HR profile. Valentia has also received a few recognitions that have also motivated her to to continue doing what she loves and also give her all in work.

Work so hard that you don’t have to introduce yourself, as your work will speak for itself. Be teachable and continue to learn every day. Prioritize your development and growth. And most importantly love what you do and give it your all every single day.

In your role, how do you actively foster an environment that supports and promotes the growth of women in IT?

By actively involving them in projects big or small so that they can also see what they can do best and how they grow within the IT space, in this way it gets easier for them to voice out their opinions and ideas in projects that `will help them and the company grow and also acknowledging them and their greatness.

By also creating a safe and professional space for them and recognizing them so it build their confidence to trust themselves and allow themselves to evolve.

Can you share a specific example of a program or initiative you’ve championed that has resulted in the advancement or development of women?

Yes, being involved in the Skills Revolution Program has been such an important valuable initiative to part of as its primary focus is on developing the youth and giving them a platform to continuously learn and grow in the IT industry, an industry that was previously known for being a male dominated industry. Women have now also stepped up and they continue to flourish in this industry.

Being part of this of this platform that is full of opportunities for the young women is indeed what I live and stand by.

As a leader, how do you ensure that women’s voices and perspectives are heard and valued in decision-making processes?

I believe there is no better way to ensure that women are heard by including them in important projects, allowing them to give their ideas. Credit and give recognition where it’s due, in this way you are giving them a platform to shine, stay driven and motivated and that this will also ensure that they are taken seriously and recognized.

What strategies have you employed to mentor and guide emerging women leaders within our organization or in general, helping them navigate their career paths effectively?

  • By establishing clear goals for them and sharing my personal experiences with them and supporting them in reaching their goals.
  • Providing Mentorship and Training Programs and facilitating networking opportunities for them to expand their knowledge and continue to learn and develop themselves.
  • Support them in overcoming barriers and providing equal opportunities.
  • Support a work-life balance.

In what ways do you collaborate with other departments to promote a culture of gender
equality and empower women across different aspects of our organization?

By growing and developing the representation of women in leadership roles to promote gender equality.

By creating a gender-equitable culture. By striving to create a culture where everyone feels valued, respected and included irrespective of their gender.

Promoting an equal work-life balance for everyone within the organization.

Ensuring that the organisation reviews equal pay laws and provide equal pay for both genders doing the same job and on the same rank.

Creating an open-minded atmosphere and having an increased hiring diversity

Create informal and formal mentor-mentee programs that focus on gender equality which will provide mentorship for everyone.

Giving equal opportunities for growth regardless of the gender.

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