Pemlar is an experienced Fulfilment Team Lead with a demonstrated history of sourcing top talent and building skilled teams. She is proficient in designing and executing recruitment strategies that align with organizational objectives. She is adept at fostering positive candidate experiences while ensuring efficient and effective hiring processes. Dedicated to continuous improvement and staying abreast of industry trends to attract the best-fit candidates. Strong communication and leadership skills combined with a results-oriented mindset.

“The is no limit to what we as women can accomplish, At Reverside Software Solutions, we embrace the boundless potential of women in technology and beyond. Guided by our unwavering commitment to innovation, diversity, and excellence, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where women thrive and lead.

As women in Leadership we stand united in creating opportunities that empower women to excel, from leadership roles to technical positions and every step in between. Through mentorship, professional growth initiatives, and a culture of inclusivity, we are shaping a future where women’s voices are amplified, their accomplishments celebrated, and their contributions catalyze our collective success.

There is no force equal to a woman determined to rise.”

In your role, how do you actively foster an environment that supports and promotes the growth of women in IT?

I created a culture that values diversity and inclusion, respecting all voices. Also ensuring women have access to projects and advancement based on skills and not gender. I also offer training for skills enhancement. Emphasizing balancing work and personal life in women is also important and ensures unbiased job descriptions and recruitment processes. An inclusive environment empowers everyone to succeed.

As a leader, how do you ensure that women’s voices and perspectives are heard and valued in decision-making processes?

I reach out to women individually to gather their perspectives before making decisions to show commitment to understanding their viewpoints. I also encourage introverts by setting one-on-one interactions where they can comfortably share their thoughts as some women may be introverted and less likely to speak up in larger meetings.

What strategies have you employed to mentor and guide emerging women leaders within our organization or in general, helping them navigate their career paths effectively?

I encourage women to create opportunities for emerging women leaders to interact with and learn from senior leaders in the organization, exposing them to different leadership styles and perspectives. I also often discuss strategies for managing work-life balance and share insights on how to effectively balance career aspirations with personal commitments.

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