Passionate about the intersection of technology and business, Neo Makhetha is an accomplished IT saleswoman with over 3-4 years of expertise navigating the dynamic landscape of the South African market.

Professional Background:

Armed with a BA Hons Strategic Branding Communications from Vega School of Branding, Neo embarked on a journey into the world of IT sales. Her commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements, coupled with a keen understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in South Africa, has defined her success in the field.

Sales Excellence in the South African Market:

Throughout her career, Neo has consistently demonstrated a flair for translating complex IT solutions into tangible business benefits for clients in South Africa. Her ability to align technology with the specific needs of diverse industries has resulted in numerous successful partnerships and satisfied clients.


Neo is known for her customer-centric approach, understanding that success in IT sales is not just about products but about crafting solutions that align with the unique goals and challenges of South African businesses.


With a proven track record of success, Neo Makhetha continues to be a driving force in the South African IT sales arena, leveraging her expertise to bring innovative solutions to businesses and contribute to the growth of the industry.

Empowering women in IT is not just about closing the gender gap; it’s about addressing a critical global need for diverse perspectives and talents in the ever-expanding field of technology. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and providing opportunities for women to thrive in IT, we not only bridge gender disparities but also tap into a vast reservoir of untapped skills. As we empower women to excel in technology, we contribute significantly to addressing the global IT skills shortage, unlocking innovation, and building a future where diversity is not only celebrated but integral to the success of the tech industry. Through mentorship, education, and creating supportive environments, we can empower women to not only join but lead in the IT sector, ensuring a robust and sustainable future for technology worldwide.

In your role, how do you actively foster an environment that supports and promotes the growth of women in IT?

Encourage Work-Life Balance:

  • Promote work-life balance by encouraging flexible work arrangements and supporting policies that accommodate personal responsibilities. Acknowledge and respect the diverse needs of women in IT but women in general.

Be an Ally:

  • Act as an ally to women in IT by actively supporting and promoting their ideas, achievements, and contributions. Using my influence and experience to ensure that their voices are heard and valued.

Recognize and Celebrate Achievements:

  • I believe in acknowledging and celebrating the achievements of women in IT within my division and the organization. Publicly recognize their contributions in meetings, or other communication channels.

Lead by Example:

  • Demonstrating inclusive leadership by embodying the values of respect, equality, and fairness and encouraging those around me to do the same.

Create Safe Spaces for Dialogue:

  • Establish forums or discussion groups where women in IT can openly share their experiences, discuss challenges, and provide input on initiatives aimed at promoting their growth.

Can you share a specific example of a program or initiative you’ve championed that has resulted in the advancement or development of women?

I have been fortunate to be part of the commercial side of the Skills Revolution program which is an internal initiative that enables young individuals from various universities to be upskilled and groomed for the corporate environment within the IT sector. The program has been growing in its intake of young females who are being exposed to IT and the opportunities thereof.

As a leader, how do you ensure that women’s voices and perspectives are heard and valued in decision-making processes?

As a leader I believe some of the practices that enable and ensure that women’s voices are heard and valued are:

Establish Inclusive Meeting Practices:

  • ·Ensure that meeting formats and practices are inclusive. For example, make sure everyone has an opportunity to speak, and consider implementing a round-robin approach to gather input from all team members.

Provide Opportunities for Input:

  • Proactively seek input from women on decisions that impact the team or the organization. This can be done through surveys, suggestion boxes, or dedicated forums for sharing ideas.

Educate and Sensitize:

  • Conduct awareness sessions and training programs to educate the team about the importance of diversity and the unique challenges women may face. Sensitize the team to create a more empathetic and understanding workplace.

What strategies have you employed to mentor and guide emerging women leaders within our organization or in general, helping them navigate their career paths effectively?

Provide Exposure to Leadership Roles:

  • Offer opportunities for women leaders to take on leadership roles or lead key initiatives. This exposure helps build confidence and provides hands-on experience in decision-making and strategic planning.

Assist in Goal Setting:

  • Work collaboratively with emerging women within the organization to set clear career goals and develop a roadmap for achieving those goals. Provide guidance on how to navigate career paths within the organization.

Be a Trusted Advisor:

  • Build a trusting relationship with emerging women peers and colleagues, serving as a reliable advisor and sounding board for their ideas, concerns, and career aspirations.

In what ways do you collaborate with other departments to promote a culture of gender
equality and empower women across different aspects of our organization?

Establish communication channels that facilitate collaboration and information sharing between departments. This can include regular meetings for example. Partner with departments to provide professional development opportunities specifically tailored to women. This may include training sessions, workshops, and leadership programs.

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